Branded TV Network featuring
Influencial Social Media Rockstars

We Reach Over 40 Million Potential Viewers on Xbox and Roku TV

Fantastic Original Short-Form Entertainment

Hosted by Social Media Influencers

Incentivized participation by influencial social media rockstars help drive audience awareness to original unscripted and scripted content with programs such as the hosted short film anthology series TWISTED DREAMSCAPES.

Competitive Gameplay TV

Hosted by Celebrity Influencers, these game shows will break the boundries in entertainment with content like OLD SCHOOL KIDS, an original short form series set in elder care living communities where the foulest mouthed senior citizens compete for prizes during Xbox competitions

Provocative Adult-Oriented TV

Original short form series such as WEBCAM DIARIES written by published authors who know the seductive and unusual world of webcam conversations that will captivate the viewer in so many ways.

Scripted TV Series

Genre related entertainment including short form series such as the live action adaption to the popular U.K. comic book series ALPHA GODS. Other original content includes; THE JOURNALS OF HERBERT WEST, SHAKA ZULU: BLOODLINES and a modernized latino adaptation to POCOHONTAS


If your a social media influencer with valid, targeted followers of 100k or more, you could become a brand ambassador for our channel and earn revenue on every subscriber you bring to the network. You could even host selected shows and bring potentially millions of additional followers to your own social media networks! We even offer major sponsored prizes such as brand new 67" wide screen TV's, new Apple and Android Phones and much more to our top Brand Ambassadors who reach the most subscribers!

It's easy and fast. Simply sign up here and we'll provide you with your own social media code you can use to share with all your followers. For every follower that uses your personalized code, you will receive a percentage of each subscriber that signs up!

Every episode sponsored by advertisers and brands will feature a collection of passwords throughout the program. The more you watch, the more you can collect and enter to win real prizes!

After Hours HD TV channel is contracted to debut on the Microsoft Xbox platform in the U.S., Canada and The U.K. in the Summer 2015 and will then expand to Roku Tv and other Over-The-Top platforms as audiences rally to see more of our channel!

Mobile App

Available on iTunes and Google Play

After Hours HD Mobile app includes sneak preview content, exclusive video segments and promotional giveaway links to help connect viewers with brands and content creators. The mobile app includes social media sharing such as exclusive photos of some of the beautiful women featured on the channel showcasing their favorite brands and products for friends to share on Instagram. Mobile users can also post video clips to their Facebook page and link directly to the models personal fan sites for even more exclusive content and offers!

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