Pulp Fiction Branded Entertainment for the Millennial Generation


Coming Soon to XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, The Roku Television Network,
The Opera Tv Platform, Amazon Fire TV & Android Tv
reaching a combined 180 million subscribers.

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The Product Lines

  • Mobile TV Media Apps

    A pulp fiction branded entertainment digital broadcast channel best described as "Netflix for short form content" and is geared toward targeting the millennial generation (ages 18-34).  The channel features VOD and SVOD original content sponsored by leading brands imbedded within the series segments.

  • After Hours HD Premium

    Watch exclusive content and continued short stories featuring episodes unavailable on the Free channel

  • Trade Shows & Merchandising

    Look for the AfterShow HD at major events and conventions nationwide including; Baltimore Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, New York Comic Con and more!

After Hours HD Original Programming

  • Novel Cinema

    Books can be entertainment too in this news / commentary series highlighting every genre and the most engaging book trailers that excite the readers when lights are on... and off!

  • New Age Odyssey: Influencing the Inner Sanctum

    Hosted and Co-Executive produced by Hollywood celebrity Holland McKinzey, featuring short documentary style episodes infusing science, spirituality and the metaphysical.

  • WebCam Diaries

    ‘Pulp Fiction’ type short stories appealing to the ‘comic con’ audience base integrated with branded apparel, products and merchandise within the story content.

  • Twisted Dreamscapes

    In the tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series, this anthology features short stories of horror and science fiction told through the eyes of today's filmmakers from around the world and hosted by a beautiful "Dreamer".

    Also Available On The Channel;
    Angels & Vixens- Provocative video vignettes & photo shoots discussing social and lifestyle tips intercut with modeling segments
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