Pulp Fiction Branded Entertainment for the Millennial Generation


A story is 22-times more memorable than the stating of facts, according to cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner. And how much more memorable is a story in which consumers can immerse or see themselves as a part of the story?

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  • The Channel

    A pulp fiction branded entertainment broadcast channel best described as "Netflix for short form content" and is geared toward targeting the millennial generation (ages 18-34).  The channel features VOD and SVOD original content sponsored by leading brands with 'Native Advertising' integrated within the storylines.

  • After Previews TV

    Interactive Digital Tv platforms available at Brick & Mortar locations beginning with more than 175,000 car service center lobbies nationwide. While you wait... you can watch!

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  • Trade Shows & Events

    Look for Preview Buzz at major events and conventions nationwide including; Baltimore Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, New York Comic Con and more!

After Hours HD Original Programming

  • Novel Cinema

    Books can be entertainment too in this news / commentary series highlighting every genre and the most engaging book trailers that excite the readers when lights are on... and off!

  • Old School Kids OSK

    In the tradition of the highly successful ‘Bad Grandpa’ film comes this hilarious gameshow featuring real nursing home patients competing in Xbox gaming tournaments for sponsored prizes! 

  • WebCam Diaries

    Based loosely on true story conversations of the often unusual world of webcam chats. The series is scripted by Debra Shade, whose published books include Deviant Desires.

  • Twisted Dreamscapes

    In the tradition of THE TWILIGHT ZONE series, this anthology features short films from around the world and hosted by beautiful "Dreamers".

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    Preview Buzz News - Marketing the latest In branded entertainment in a provocative format sure to entertain and enlighten!

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